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Malvern Autumn Show September 30, 2009

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This weekend I headed home to help out PlantWoman with the Old Court Nurseries display in the RHS part of the show. After having spent all of Thursday setting up her display, Dave and I were needed to help set up the sales tables, and help put the finishing touches to the display and attempt to sweep up the conifer from the carpet (it sticks like velcro and left the three of us crawling round on our hands and knees!!).

After we were happy the display looked as good as it could, we headed back to the nursery to have a look around the garden and to get more plants ready for the show whilst judging took place. Whilst there we got to meet Roy Lancaster as he was in Malvern the the Hardy Plant Socieites AGM. We went back tot he show, anxious to find out whether we got a medal – unfortunately there was nothing there, so we had to go home and wait until Saturday!

After an early start we headed down to the show ground and were chuffed to find that PlantWoman had won a Silver-Gilt medal for the display (not bad for a first attempt!!). In between selling and talking to people about asters, Plant Woman and I kept disappearing off and returning with plants, or lists of plants that we wanted (standing in a big hall full of interesting plants is a bit fatal!!). The weekend also proved a bit of a crash course in asters for Dave, who had a very steep learning curve!

Hopefully we’ll get to help out at future shows too!

Photos from the show


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