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Garden Museum September 21, 2009

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Well, after several recent attempts to try and update this blog with anything of interest (or anything at all!!) I have finally found a bit of time to update….(perhaps with the other things I had intended to write I can do them in retrospect).

This weekend Plantwoman and I went to the Garden Museum in London where we spent our timetalking about and trying to sell Asters (or Michaelmas daisies).  Despite being long,  we had a good time, and had the oppurtunity to explore the museum, a place which, despite living near London, we have never heard about until recenty!

I will try and upload some of the photos of the museum (and asters) that I took over the weekend.

This was the start of a long week, as next weekend we will be at the Autumn show in Malvern, with an exhibit for Old Court nurseries (and the national collection of Autumn flowering asters)….I will hopefully find time to update on this next week.


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