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Battle of the bulbs!!!! November 27, 2008

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At the beginning of October I decided that it would be good to liven up my back garden with a couple of tubs, yes i know i’m not a normal student but hey normal’s boring, anyway i bullied Sundew Kid and her very patient boyfriend into coming to a garden centre with me. After much discussion we ended up group buying some daffodil bulbs, some tulips and some winter flowering violas. And so it came to be that I had two tubs of mixed bulbs for the spring and violas for the winter. However, one morning a couple of weeks after planting I looked out of the window and there was one half empty tub with the soil and violas strewn across the gravel. So i trekked out and replanted the bulbs, one of which was well chewed, and the violas. Two mornings later exactly the same thing had happened to exactly the same tub. After the tub had been emptied and replanted several more times I decided enough was enough, so that night i covered the tub with a bin bag. Next morning the tub was still intact. After a week i decided to leave the bag off and two weeks later the plants are still where they are meant to be…… I’ve won……atleast for now. Its still a mystery what beastie had taken a liking to my tub the only sensible theory we’ve come up with is a squirrel.


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