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Midori San’s Blog… October 29, 2008

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I was sat at work reading blogs on e-learning (woohoo!!…fun!!) and I came across the blog of Midori San. This may seem uninteresting until you realise that this is in fact the blog of a plant! Unfortunately this is all in Japanese (However thanks to Google I have managed to get a badly translanted version of the blog, which will hopefully work so you too can read about Midori San’s day!)at the same time I was also directed to another blog explaining how Midori San posts entries.

Midori San is a Hoya kerii, or Sweetheart Hoya. This species was chosen as it is apparently easily affected by a humans mind…

…I will try to add the widget provided on her blog so that you too can interact with her by turning on a flourescent light, allowing her to photosynthesise more….


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