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Sticking with the theme… October 23, 2008

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Miscellaneous geranium from my parents garden

Geranium 'Roxanne'

Well seeing as Plantwoman (we wanted plantgirl, as this is far cooler, but unfortunately it had already been taken!) has started off with introducing herself with one of her favorite plants, the Aster, I will try and do the same…

I would agree that Asters are a very good, and in my opinion under used, plant. What more could you want than a garden full of brightly coloured late flowering daises? They are just the thing to brighten up a cold, grey October morning! However she has beaten me too them…

…I’ve been sat thinking through what I would consider to be one of my favorite plants, a question that always puts me on the spot and leaves me questioning whether one is better than another, so I guess I’ll just have to pick one (and then do a seires of blogs over the next few weeks about the ones that missed out tonight!)…

So the chosen plant for this introduction is the Geranium. Not the gaudy red and pink plants associated with the Medditeranean (I believe they are actually Pelargoniums), but the classic English cottage garden ones. They are a plant I associate with home, we have a lot of them as they are one of the few plants that will grow successfully on the bank/rockery in our garden.  My favourite is Ann Folkard, it had wonderful golden green leaves, with a bright purple flower. It starts each season as a compact plant, and as the year progresses it scrambles across and through other plants, creating a wonderful displa(and conveniently for us covers a large area of rockery!)….

I guess I will stop here seeing as I have chattered on about nothing much for quite a long time, I’ll carry on with the favorite plant list another day….


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