Botany Babes

The adventures of PlantWoman, Sundew Kid and Black Eyed Susan

A little bit about us…. October 23, 2008

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We are three botanists, two of which have recently graduated from Reading Uni, and one who is in her final year (due to a year at Kew playing with Legumes…). I guess this blog will just be a place where we can talk plants…and anything else that pops into our heads!….

Currently only one of us is involved in plants, due to the complete lack of good jobs based around botany! so the other two of us our out trying to make our way in a not so planty world (somehow I managed to get in to a world mainly involving meetings and computers!) However we all hope one day to be int he plant world…doing what I don’t know!!

Hopefully you will find something of interest in this blog…


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